the right wavelength

resonator does not see itself as a conventional bike brand with an 0815 product range like all other manufacturers, but as a platform to give passionate dreams and innovative ideas around the topic of cycling space to realize.

The people behind resonator have dedicated large parts of their lives to cycling. Infinitely many hours in the saddle from road racers to downhill bikes with high suspension have shown us what a balanced and well thought-out bike is all about. As engineers, we have gained many years of experience in ensuring the highest quality standards in the production of bicycle parts and frames and in handling materials ranging from carbon to steel. Long nights in cellars and behind welding and soldering equipment have shown us first hand what is important in the construction and how much human feeling and skill find their place in a bicycle. We want to implement all this in our products and so they not only claim to be technically perfect, but also to always offer real added value and be an enrichment for the user.

In close cooperation with the product management of Bike-Components, a trustworthy distributor is able to offer an excellent service.

resonator will offer products in exclusive small series. Everything we manufacture will be numbered and delivered with documentation.

In addition to careful design and production coordination, everything we develop undergoes an extensive and intensive test phase and countless test drives. This is the only way to ensure that we really produce what we want and what we want. The safety is confirmed by material tests in independent German test laboratories and all products are certified according to standards.

For us, sustainability is a term that cannot be ignored by cycling. Like hardly any other technical object, the bicycle fulfils a whole range of criteria of holistic sustainability. This ranges from natural use as a means of transport to the promotion of social contacts and individual health. All resonator products are fully Co2-compensated in order to support this idea. A corresponding calculation can be found in the product description.

The foundation stone for resonator is now laid by a wheel that is not too bad for any use. The WOT is the best choice whether for the muddy after-work hours or for a circumnavigation of the world.

the people behind resonator

Initiator and driving force behind resonator is Julian Haupenthal.
Julian’s life revolves around two wheels. Since childhood there has been hardly a muscle-powered vehicle that Julian has not tried out and tinkered with for days. Years of experience in the support of customers for individual bicycles and in the sales and product management of bike parts, degrees as a mechanical engineer, as well as various contract designs for the bike industry have laid the foundation stone for resonator. The understanding for the factors that make a good bicycle was sharpened by many handmade steel frames and individual constructions and is reflected in the products of resonator.